26th March 2010

Hi David, It\’s great when we recommend you to our clients and they come back to tell us what a great job you have done. When people realise how much money they can save buying second hand furniture from us and organising re-upholstry with you, everyone is happy. Many thanks,

-Roberto Junktique Two

24th March 2010

Thank you for the great you have done in re-upholstering our reception desk. everyone comments on how professional the foyer now looks. thanks for the great job I would recommend you to anyone….

-Vicki CH2

22nd March 2010

Thank you david for a fantastic job in re-covering our leather cushions – brilliant service, great colour match. we would recommend you to anybody..

-William Lloyd

12th February 2010

Dear David, PCYC Belmore would like to offer a massive thank you for offering to volunteer & upholster our bearns in the club. This not only provides a safer environment for our members, but also helps us to save money as a result of you generously offering your time to do this job. We hope you stay involved in the club in the future Рwe like having you around!

-Natalie Brownstein Manager PCYC Belmore