This is a question asked quite often by customers. Is it cheaper to buy new furniture rather than upholstery the existing furniture we have? There are several variances to look at in response to this. Many manufacturers are producing bulk produced products overseas and importing them to Australia. Bulk produced products are done quickly and rushed as they have a large quantity to get through therefore quality and craftsmanship is lacking in the final product. The products used inside the furniture are also of substandard quality and do not last long resulting in a worn out look generally once the two year warranty has expired. When we upholster goods or custom make products we use Australian made products such as 10 year warranty commercial grade foam, commercial grade elastic webbing and only use upholstery grade fabrics. Our leather is either imported from Italy or the USA. Our work is completed by qualified tradesmen who are highly skilled and have 60 years combined experience in upholstery. Sydney Upholstery strives and delivers high quality furniture. Sydney Upholstery has an excellent relationship will all the leading upholstery fabric wholesalers and we can source just about any fabric you are after. Upholstering your old furniture means you are not limited to the small range of fabrics large retailers stock. We have such a large range to choose from or you can visit any leading fabric wholesaler listed on our website. Although they don’t sell to the public they have beautiful showrooms open to the public who can help you choose the fabric you want. Sydney Upholstery can order the fabric for you.

So is it cheaper to buy new or reupholster? In the short term it may be cheaper to purchase brand new but when you need to upgrade your tired worn out lounge every few years it doesn’t end up being cheaper. Email through a picture of your furniture or call our office to organise a quote. It’s as simple as that!