Purple in its darkest values is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It is associated with luxury as well as creativity, and as an accent or secondary color, it gives a scheme depth.

Lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.

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Red is the color of energy. It’s associated with movement and excitement. People surrounded by red find their heart beating a little faster.

Red is the symbol of life and, for this reason, it’s the color worn by brides in China.

Red is popular in living rooms as it brings people together to have energetic conversations. It is also said that red stimulates appetite so it a good colour pallet in the dining room as well.

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The color of growth, nature, and money. A calming color also that’s very pleasing to the senses. Dark forest green is associated with terms like conservative, masculine and wealth.

Hospitals use light green rooms because they too are found to be calming to patients. It is also the color associated with envy, good luck, generosity and fertility. It is the traditional color of peace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support and well paced energy.

Use green to feel more relaxed and ease your anxiety.  If offers a sense of renewal and harmony.

Green is a very soothing colour to use in the bedroom as it promotes rest and relaxation.



The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms.

Blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. That is why it is considered calming, relaxing and serene, and it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Velvet Brocade Fabric

We recently upholstered a diamond button chair with silver studs using this fabric and as the picture shows it is stunning!

A brocade fabric extinguishes elegance and style and is best used on a feature piece in a lounge room or bedroom.

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