2022 Interior Trends Guide: Advice on Fabric Selection

Interior Trends Guide Advice on Fabric Selection

2022 is well upon us, and with it, a wealth of interior trends to feast our eyes on (and to fuel our creative daydreams!).

Fabrics are powerful ways to elevate large and small spaces alike. Even a simple shift in bedding or pillowcases can refresh a space entirely, utilising colour, texture and tone to transform the design intentions. Whether worked into rugs, curtains and soft furnishings, or creating the dramatic focal point of a room in beautiful lounges, fabrics continue to lead the way in interior trends across all manner of design uses.

Looking to shake up your interiors through some of-the-moment inspiration? Here are the 2022 interior fabric trends that have our creative juices flowing.


Neutrals are traded for nature-inspired hues

While neutrals have long led the way in both our homes and our Pinterest boards, leading interior designers are forecasting more experimentation with colour in 2022. However, this palette will be one that stays close to hues found in nature – think rich terracotta tones, monochromatic leanings and earthy brown hues.

This creates a huge opportunity for leather in these earthy shades to make its mark, and for other natural fabrics to pick up on this nature-inspired tonal lean. Details such as cowhide rugs and pillows can complement earthy leather lounges for a heightened natural impact.


Outdoor furniture gets an elevation

Now in our third year of pandemic living, outdoor furniture has never been so important to the rhythms of our domestic lives. Outdoor furniture is forecast to receive continued sophisticated refinements as verandahs, decks and patios become further extensions of interior decors. 

Hard-wearing, weather-resistant fabrics serve a pivotal role in this outdoor furniture glow-up, enabling beautiful, rich textures and comfortable seating while practically serving the needs of an outdoor lounging environment.


Texture takes a front seat 

Spaces continue to see new depth added through the use of textures. We’ll see more experimentation with patterned jute, rush and abaca, with rugs providing an opportunity for light pattern play and elegant textural additions. 

With mohair, velvet and patterned prints breaking up the sea of neutrals, our love for linens can find contrast in these fun, engaging and spirited textures that bring a more tactile nature into our everyday surroundings.


The Grandmillennial movement continues

Forget less is less: with the ‘grandmillennial’ movement, more is more. This look was making its way through the design choices of influencers and tastemakers throughout 2021, and it shows no sign of abating. This design aesthetic sees the embrace of floral patterns, a 1940s-esque updated chintz tonality, and the incorporation of contemporary palettes to offset this jump back in time. 

Here, soft furnishings can add unexpected touches of glamour and luxury, with fringe and piping playing a role in this fun, fresh take on your grandmother’s prized sitting room.


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