MDF wall panels are a renovator’s dream. They are a cost-effective solution that can transform an old and tired space into something that looks like it’s come straight out of a magazine. MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard, and these panels can be used both on walls and on the ceiling. They are an extremely versatile material making custom jobs a breeze in both residential and commercial areas. They can also be upholstered with natural and synthetic fabrics, adding warmth and another detailed element to any space.

How thick should they be?

Depending on the design and feel you want to go for, the thickness you can choose from will vary. MDF panels can range from anywhere between 6mm to 32mm thick.

Where can they be used?

Practically anywhere, it’s a chance to add a unique feature to your space. When using them, you can go with a minimalist or a maximalist approach. Whether used in a residential area or commercial, upholstered MDF wall panels provide a noise softening solution. Whilst they don’t offer complete soundproofing, they’re a great way to absorb excess sound, dampen an echoey room, and block out unwanted sounds nearby. We’ve listed some options below if you’re wondering how they could benefit from being installed in a home.


If you’re short on space in a bedroom, consider swapping your bed frame for upholstered MDF bed panelling. You can push your bed flush against the wall saving a tonne of space and having a feature that frames your bed.


A home office is an ideal place to use MDF panels. The panels can be backed by material to be used as a pinboard. It’s the perfect way to create a pinboard that fits your current office aesthetic.

Home movie theatre

Suppose you decide to include a home movie theatre or media room in your home – we think it’s a great idea. More importantly, MDF upholstered panels are a significant cost-effective way to help with sound insulation, so when you’re watching a movie on a Saturday night, you don’t have to listen to the neighbours having a party next door.

As we mentioned earlier, upholstered MDF panels work effectively in commercial spaces. We’ve listed just a few below.

Universities and schools

Both universities and schools benefit by using panels in classrooms and large assembly halls as the noise levels are softened. Due to the variety of fabrics, we can often match the colours with the school or university colours.


Cafes benefit from using upholstered MDF ceiling panels to reduce noise and create an exciting feature wall that boosts the aesthetics.

Offices/co-working spaces

Similar to a home office, upholstered MDF panels can be used to drown out excess noise in a busy office or co-working space.

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