To the outside world, upholstering can seem like a one-person job. However, working on commercial or residential projects requires a team. We think it’s only fair to give you a sneak peek of our process and how they work in with us.

When upholstering or reupholstering bespoke pieces, whether in a home or a cafe, we use the support of both joiners and architects to ensure the project is completed flawlessly. Dependent on each project, some will be ripped down to the bare bones and rebuilt, whereas other projects will be created from scratch.


Architects are the ones who create the initial ideal and ensure it’s a supportive structure. We specifically work with designers and architects to create a prototype that captures the vision of a project. We then work together to develop and further evolve the initial product.

All supporting structures must be built with Australian building codes when executing a custom design. Specifically, architects will be brought into commercial areas such as cafes, pubs and libraries to create seating specific to the space. When completing larger commercial jobs, we rely heavily on architects for plans. 

Once the architect has created a unique design, this is when a joiner is then brought in to execute the design.


Once architects have created the supportive structure, joiners are the ones who then make the design come to life. Their job is to create a piece of furniture or seating created by the architect or client. Not only this, they are integral when designing a substrate. They are the ones who provide a frame or template for us to begin the process. We bring in joiners when we have custom pieces that need to be created, as they are fantastic at creating specific pieces. If a piece of furniture is older, we often bring a joiner in to see how it can be best restored. Often, joiners will be brought in once a piece is broken down and built back to its original frame.

They work to bring the client’s visions and architects’ drawings together. Sydney Upholstery works with joiners who make custom pieces that can’t be bought off the shelf.


Finally, this is where we come in. Once the architect has created the idea, the joiner has made it come to life. We then cover it with the requested fabric. As upholsterers, we can use any fabric to suit commercial heavy-grade fabrics, leathers, and various foams. We have a fantastic relationship with all major fabric wholesalers and work with them to advise our clients on which fabrics will work the best specific to the project.

In terms of delivery turnaround time, Sydney Upholstery will always work to honour our deadlines. We’re conscious of business hours when we work in a commercial setting. To accommodate this, we usually pick up the project in the evening or during closing times and have it delivered within 24-48 hours.

If you’d like to know more, or maybe we’ve sparked your interest in having that old chair reupholstered, get in touch with our friendly team today.