Almost every one of us has an older piece of furniture in the house that’s looking worse for wear. Whether it’s an old armchair that’s been used for generations or a threadbare sofa that you’ve stored away for some use in the future, there’s no need to worry about parting ways with these pieces due to their age or shabby condition. Refurbishing some of your older furniture is a worthwhile and cost-effective way to keep those pieces functioning and attractive for years to come. Here are a few of the many reasons to restore.


The Importance of Restoring Old Furniture

Sentimental Value

Certain pieces of furniture hold sentimental value. Perhaps you have a piece that belonged to a grandparent or even a great-grandparent and has earned a special place in your home. Or maybe you still have some of the furniture you purchased when you first moved into your home, and they feel like an irreplaceable part of the house. Whatever the case may be for you, if you have a sentimental piece that you’d like to continue using or displaying in your home, restoration and upholstery repair is a great option to keep the piece looking great well into the future.


Valuable Antiques

Whether it’s a family heirloom or an antique that you sought out or stumbled across, a piece of furniture that dates back a century or more is definitely worth restoring or reupholstering. Unless the piece was made by a world-renowned furniture maker, restoring the piece can add to its value if you might be interested in selling the piece, and it makes it more inviting to take a seat if you plan to continue using the piece in your home. Restoring or reupholstering furniture is best done by professional furniture upholsterers, and this is especially true for antique pieces that cannot be replaced.



Buying a brand new good-quality sofa or armchair can be quite expensive, so reupholstering or restoring an older piece can be a very cost-effective way to renew your furniture. If the piece you have has a high-quality frame that is still in good condition, or if it has a unique shape that would be difficult to replace, it’s definitely worth looking into reupholstering or restoring the piece, as the cost will likely be less than buying a brand-new piece of the same quality. This is especially true if the foam and any interior elements of your piece are still intact, as you can directly recover the piece in new fabric or have a slipcover made at relatively low cost compared to a complete restoration.

The cost-saving benefits of reupholstering old furniture make it easy to update the look of a room in your home by changing up the fabric of your sofa. It is also a worthwhile option if you are looking to pass on furniture to a younger family member or friend who is furnishing their first home.