Why Furniture Restoration Is an Artform

There are plenty of things that come to mind when you think of art. Paintings, sculpture, music, dance. Furniture restoration probably isn’t something that even crosses your mind. But if you think about it, there is no denying that taking an old, worn piece of furniture and transforming it into something that looks amazing and different is definitely artistic, taking time, care, patience, love, and craftsmanship.

Why is furniture restoration an art form? Well, it is easy to get wrong and stuff up. You’ll see restored furniture that’s been taken on by amateurs, and it just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe someone has taken an antique wooden chair and repainted it or recoated it themselves. Often the effect just cheapens the furniture, instead of what should happen – making it look better.

Furniture restoration takes patience to learn and practice to perfect. It is a craft that we have honed over many years, a craft often passed along, down the generations of a family.

Our furniture upholstery in Sydney is our craft. Others restoring furniture might update wooden pieces, mirrors, or even bring old and interesting machinery back to life. Most people who do furniture restoration concentrate on just one area of furniture restoration – just because it is such a specific art form to learn.

When you take the furniture that we encounter and then see how it turns out after we’re through with it, you’ll be blown away. We can truly transform pieces into something that looks very different. We can add new cushioning to furniture, plumping it up, change fabrics and styles of sewing to update that rapidly ageing couch, or we can modernise the furniture in a whole hotel. With our experience and skills, you will be able to see the expert care that goes into what we do.

And that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to furniture upholstery. It is an art form, and if you choose a business that doesn’t respect or hasn’t yet adequately learnt the craft, then you’ll have an inferior piece of furniture – one you’ll either need to reupholster sooner or relegate to the corner of the room.

Leave your furniture in the hands of the artists over here at Sydney Upholstery. Our team of professional furniture “artists” will ensure that your furniture has another life full of use ahead of it. Not only that, you’ll have a quality finish, the work of an expert craftsperson. Call us or email us to find out more about our services, book in for a consultation, view some of our previous projects with other clients, or to just have a chat about what we can do for you.


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