We are proud of Sydney Upholstery’s latest feature in House & Garden, with an impressive and stunning spread of upholstery seen alongside vibrant wallpapers, textured rugs and nuanced artwork.

Want to learn more about the design innovation and inspiration behind the spread?

Keep reading as we discuss our design considerations, the spread, and how you can make the best upholstery choices for your own interiors.


Seeing Green

The green Lorenzo Castillo fabric featured in the House and Garden spread is earthy, retro, and timeless – we are thrilled with this interior’s stunning and unique feel.

Green velvet sofas have been a trending topic in the design sphere lately. This spread brings together varied textures and patterns to create a vintage aesthetic that nods to the popularity of green sofas in the upholstery world.

The armchair boasts a rich green velvet fabric – Warwick Lovely Moss with white piping. This rich colour creates a soothing and sumptuous atmosphere, while the piping adds sophistication with a hint of retro.

The standout fabric in this piece is the Domestic Textile Lorenzo Castillo Bermudo LCT1005-004 Verde. This fabric creates depth in this design spread, upholstering the mid-century rectangular lounge. The brilliant houndstooth pattern with varied shades of green adds an eclectic yet rustic feel to the selection.

The fabrics in this spread are excellent for those looking to create an earthy, bookish, or vintage feel in their home.


A Lesson in Blue

This spread featuring Warwick Plymouth Abyss is a masterpiece in Hamptons-style design with a cosy and warm feel. While the design creates a clean atmosphere with cooler colours, the softer beige ensures that the design looks warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

The Warwick Plymouth Abyss-covered armchair includes textured No Chintz trimming – an elegant and vaguely nautical fabric. The stripe creates a clean finish, while the trimming adds a level of warmth that adds a homey feel.

For this spread, we wanted to demonstrate that a refined look does not need to come at the expense of utility. We used Domestic Textiles Aldeco Prive Melange Bleu Royal to upholster an ergonomic desk chair. The darker blue creates depth and interest within the room, demonstrating that a desk chair doesn’t have to interrupt the elegant design.

Consider applying this mindset to commercial office space design – so often, office spaces are stiff and unwelcoming. Upholstering office chairs can create a more homely and comfortable atmosphere, and the opportunities are endless! You can give any furniture a new vibe or a new lease of life with upholstery.

We were impressed by how this design emulates the classic and sophisticated style of willow-pattern china; the colder and warmer shades seamlessly intermingle for a welcoming yet stately space.


How To Choose Your Fabrics

Choosing your fabrics is a matter of personal taste; only you will know which materials are to your liking.

However, creating a mood board for the types of colours, patterns, and styles you love best might help. By building this with the design elements you like best, you can curate the pieces that go together in colour and tone, creating a cohesive look. Or, you could take a dynamic and multicoloured approach for a maximalist design!

If you’re not a design aficionado, you might consider enlisting the services of an upholstery expert and discussing your vision for the project, along with your preferences. They will give you the best advice to create the interior design you love with high-quality fabrics that fit with the context of your design.


Sydney Upholstery – We Love Fabrics And Design!

We are thrilled with the spreads featured in House & Garden, representing our genuine love for upholstery and unique interior design. Reupholstering your furniture can give you a truly unique piece – no more carbon-copy furniture!

If you’re interested in revamping your furniture with chic upholstery, why not reach out to our fabulous interior designers and upholstery experts at Sydney Upholstery?