Our designers here at Sydney Upholstery have a keen eye for completely changing how your space looks and feels with simple fabric swaps and upgrades.

A perfect example of this change is evident in our recent design – one that modernises home furniture using different colours and textures.

Are you ready to see more of our work? Keep reading as we explain what makes these designs unique, uplifting a tired space.


Reviving a tired armchair

This armchair was tired and wasn’t adding anything to the space – it looked worn, slightly outdated, and didn’t spark a need to nestle into it. The clients wanted a new modern look without getting rid of their armchair and buying into the fast homewares culture that has seeped into the world of home decor.

The armchair’s structure and shape are comfortable and unique, but the cowhide fabric was stained, worn, and needed a refresh.


comfortable look to renew and refreshed armchair

We prioritised a clean, minimal, and comfortable look to renew and refresh this armchair. When we stripped the old fabric from the chair, we noticed that the chair’s foam padding was mouldy. So, we applied enduro medium-density foam and a supersoft wrap, making the chair softer and removing any mould caused by dampness over time.

To create an entirely new look and feel to this armchair, we reupholstered it with Warwick Linda Fabio Ivory fabric. The fabric’s pure white colour elevates the space and adds earthy, modern, and minimalist appeal.

And the sherpa-like texture of the bouclé fabric is perfect for making the armchair more snug, comfortable and suitable for long hours of reading or watching.


Adding tonal style to a dining set

outdated dining chairs in this living space

The dining chairs in this living space were outdated. Modern trends favour neutral colours and woody tones, avoiding the stark and vibrant hues of the 90s and 00s. The armchairs were upholstered in an embellished red fabric, and they had worn down over time.

To modernise the look of this dining room, we decided to switch out the vibrant red fabric for a more neutral cream fabric –  Mokum Sahel 10522 Seasalt 811.

Adding tonal style to a dining set

The padding on the dining chairs had grown weary with overuse, so we replaced the foam and elastic webbing for a firmer feel. Firmer chairs are less likely to become creased, indented, and worn over time.

Once we finished the project, the whole dining room area had a new and refreshed feel. The minimalist and clean look of the new chairs made other details in the room stand out more, like the paintings and window trim.

All the fabric we use has a 15-year warranty, so this family can enjoy their dining chairs and new armchair for many years.


Popular Fabric Selections For Modern Interior Design

If you’re looking for a cleaner and more modern look in your home, it is helpful to know about the most popular and trending fabric selections for modern interior design. This project utilised two of our current favourites:

  • Bouclé fabrics – This fabric has a similar look to sherpa, only it is made using loops of fabric to create a rustic, textured, and soft look. It’s more robust than sherpa, and it can have a firmer or smoother feel depending on the density of the loops.
  • Neutrals – In today’s age, minimalism is the cornerstone of interior design. If you furnish your home in neutral colours, you can ensure your fabric doesn’t distract from other statement pieces in the room. Instead, you can use neutrals to compliment the key features of your home and create a colour palette for your rooms.



If you’re looking to create a modern, soft, and minimal design for your home with renewed upholstery, you can put your faith in our team of designers here at Sydney Upholstery. We love refreshing spaces without throwing away perfectly suitable furniture. Contact us today to speak to our design experts.