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Embrace SNAPTEX Upholstered Walls with These 3 Ideas

Embrace SNAPTEX Upholstered Walls with These 3 Ideas

Embrace SNAPTEX Upholstered Walls with These 3 Ideas


Upholstered wall


Have you noticed the upholstered walls trend overtaking design blogs and Pinterest at the moment?

Particularly regarding commercial spaces, upholstered walls are certainly enjoying a fresh moment in the sun. But this trend was around long before it caught the internet’s attention afresh. Upholstered walls bring the luxurious touch of modern maximalism into our homes, playing on the romance of boutique hotels and elegant European estates.

Specialists have historically been required for upholstered walls in order to stretch fabric over battens attached to the wall. With a wide range of fabrics at your creative disposal, there’s no limit to the patterns, colours and textures that can be used to bring spaces to life. New technology is leading the way in wall upholstery, so there’s now even more potential in truly making your commercial space unique.

SNAPTEX acoustical fabric-wrapped panels are designed to bring the elegance of wall upholstery to ceilings and walls alike. With no limits to the size or shape of the panel and a site-installed nature, SNAPTEX panels ensure perfect fits through their specially designed interlocking jaw. This reduces the risk of fabric sagging or coming out of place, which is common in alternative friction-fit systems. With so much flexibility at their core, SNAPTEX panels can even be used to wrap around curves, bringing damage-resistant upholstery to rooms of all designs.


Here are our top tips for how to incorporate upholstered walls into your workspace, hospitality venue or home.


Try a single, statement upholstered wall


Upholstery doesn’t need to wrap around the entirety of a room in order to make an impact. Embrace the power of a statement wall in order to draw attention, create contrast or add a touch of luxury. This is also a great way to incorporate wall upholstery if you’re working with a smaller budget, or if you’re looking to incorporate multiple textures and materials into your design choices.



Treat your walls as works of art


Who said artwork needed to be contained to framed pieces? Upholstered walls bring a wealth of opportunities for artistic expression with them. Whether you’re looking to embrace the old-world charm offered by specifically patterned textiles, to play with colour and light, or to use contrasting patterns for dramatic impact, upholstered walls can set your creative desires free.



Bring SNAPTEX into your commercial office


Not only do upholstered walls look fantastic, but they bring practical benefits with them that make them perfect for commercial offices. Upholstered walls work as powerful insulation and also provide sound-deadening acoustics. Within commercial office settings, SNAPTEX’s acoustical fabric-wrapped walls can reduce the impact of noisy conversations, foot traffic or office activities, enabling employees to focus within a quieter environment.

Commercial offices can also make a statement about their company through the use of upholstered walls. By incorporating a wide range of fabric choices, every kind of company aesthetic can be embraced to create an elegant, personalised impact the moment a client steps into the office space.

If you’re looking to bring a breath of fresh air to an existing room or new build, upholstered walls are the creative canvas you need to create distinct, inviting spaces. With SNAPTEX’s acoustical fabric-wrapped panels, the sky’s the limit when it comes to size, shape and design. Contact us today to find out more.

Reap the Benefits of Commercial Banquette Seating: 4 Key Considerations

Banquette Seatings

Reap the Benefits of Commercial Banquette Seating: 4 Key Considerations

Reap the Benefits of Commercial Banquette Seating: 4 Key Considerations

Banquette Seatings

Designing seating within commercial spaces requires a balance of planned usage, budgets and style preferences. Bench, booth and banquette seating (terms which are often used interchangeably) provide practical and stylish solutions for all kinds of commercial spaces, including restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. 

Banquette seating offers the benefits of saving space, allowing more people to fit around tables, and out-doing free-standing seating options. They can also create intimate, private seating booths, enabling distinct dining or lingering experiences within larger commercial spaces. Often, commercial spaces will use a mixture of banquette seating and free-standing chairs to create different seating combinations. Read on for our tips for making the most of banquette seating options within your commercial space. 


Consider the movements of foot traffic

Banquette seating can double as a differentiator when it comes to directing foot traffic. This is beneficial not only for guiding customers through the space in the intended direction of travel but also for hotel or hospitality staff, who need to be able to move freely and efficiently in order to deliver the highest level of service. 

If you’re designing a commercial space, consider where you’d like foot traffic to flow. For example, if you’d like to separate a sit-down dining area from a stand-up bar area, banquette seating can help to create an easy visual distinction that immediately communicates this to your guests.


Pay attention to material choices

There’s a wide range of materials that can be used to create banquette seating. Choosing appropriate upholstery is important for many outcomes, including longevity, comfort and how it ties into your overall commercial space aesthetic. 

As it’s common for food and drink to be consumed by people sitting on banquette seating, looking at materials that are easily cleaned can also save time and money over the course of daily use.


Incorporate soft furnishings or lighting features

Invested in beautiful banquette seating, and you want it to pop? Throw pillows, lamps or overhead lights can serve to maximise the impact of your design choices. Large pendant fittings over banquette seating are often used for restaurants that are looking to create a soft, warm glow. Table lamps can also further create a sense of private dining spaces within a larger restaurant or cafe. 


Consider the number of occupants

How many people do you need to cater for across your seating needs? As banquette seating is often complemented by free-standing chairs, planning any banquette seating design needs to be done with a careful understanding of how many people need to be seated in total. 

Banquette seating is a great solution to both the practical needs of commercial spaces and the design intentions. With all kinds of fabric options on the market, you can find the perfect fit for your space. Chat to Sydney Upholstery today to find out more.

The 3 Key Advantages of Buying Australian-Made vs Imported Furniture

Australian Made furniture

The 3 Key Advantages of Buying Australian-Made vs Imported Furniture

The 3 Key Advantages of Buying Australian-Made vs Imported Furniture

Australian Made furniture

When lockdowns hit, and many of us were forced to spend far more time at home than usual, Australians turned to an old interest with renewed force: home decor.

Creating spaces that reflect personality, style preferences and lifestyle is of great priority to many of us. After all, home isn’t just the place we sleep and eat, but it’s often now where our work lives take place as well.

Updating your space can be a challenge – after all, no two of us are alike. You want to find the perfect furniture that reflects your values, the way you move through the space and how you interact with your friends and family. The one thing we do have in common? All of the benefits we can gain when buying Australian-made furniture vs. imported goods.


3 Key benefits of buying Australian-made furniture

If you’re looking to refresh your lounge room, update your bedroom, or revamp a study, here are three advantages you should consider when it comes to your furniture choices.


1. Your new furniture will be made to Australian standards

Australia has some of the highest standards in the world when it comes to labour practices, business regulations and quality control standards. When you buy Australian-made products, you receive the benefit of these stringent guidelines. Rest assured in the knowledge that the company you’re purchasing from treats and pays their workers fairly, uses high-quality materials and resources, and is bound by Australian consumer guidelines. Shopping offshore? There are no guarantees protecting you as to the quality of the end product, the labour practices employed by the company producing it, or the ethical status of the raw material.


2. Make the most of better lead times and lower delivery costs

With global supply chain issues leading to a wide range of disruptions and delays, there’s every chance that the pricey couch you ordered off a foreign website could get stuck in shipping delays for months on end. If you need to make sure your furniture arrives on schedule, as you ordered it, Australian companies offer the benefit of geographical proximity. Receive your furniture faster and save on delivery costs with a smaller travel footprint.


3. Buy local, support local

If you’re looking to play your part in supporting the Australian economy, buying local is one powerful way to put your money where your mouth is. Purchasing furniture from overseas manufacturers lessens the viability of Australian furniture providers. With many skilled tradespeople working within the Australian industry, you can directly support local makers, artisans and suppliers by choosing to purchase Australian-made furniture for your home. You’ll also get the benefit of lengthy warranty periods that are part and parcel of Australian purchases, with easy access to local manufacturers for warranty-covered maintenance or repair needs.


Australian innovation and craftsmanship

Australian furniture designers are known for their high-quality creativity, attention to detail and innovation. By shopping for new pieces in Australia, you can bring a part of this beauty into your own home, supporting your local economy and protecting your investment in the process.