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Why We Use Joyce Foam Products

Why We Use Joyce Foam Products

Wondering why we use Joyce foam products for all our upholstery work that requires foam? You’re about to find out.

Joyce is the name that’s synonymous with foam products in Australia. In fact, Joyce is the leading provider of foam products to companies in various industries, all over Australia. They’re number one because they have built up an excellent name for themselves in providing foam to furniture, bedding, industrial, automotive, and medical companies.

Joyce has been in business for a long time – since 1954 to be exact. With over 60 years experience in making foam products, they certainly know what they are doing.

One of the things that we admire about Joyce foam is their dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. This means that you are getting a final product that is better for the environment than using other brands’ foam. Joyce has GECA certification – Good Environment Choice Australia – meaning that their products comply with the ISO 14024 standard which applies to worldwide best practices for eco-labelling. Having the GECA certification makes Joyce industry leaders when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Their Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technique for producing foam products is the most environmentally friendly method available to produce foam products, and Joyce uses this technique to produce all their products.

Because Joyce is an Australian company with an Australian manufacturing plant, we keep jobs and money within our country, doing our bit for the economy, too.

Joyce products all come with the CompriShield shielding system to help protect your foam from nasties like mould, dust mites, and bacteria – things that can quickly work their way into foam products of inferior quality. If you are concerned about germs, then the CompriShield system that is embedded into each and every one of their foam products should bring a sense of relief.

We are proud to say that we use Joyce foam products for all our furniture upholstery. Sydney Upholstery is dedicated to bringing our customers the best quality upholstered furniture, which we believe means choosing Joyce for all our foam needs. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the materials we use for construction – which for us means Joyce.

Do you have some furniture that you would like upholstered or reupholstered? Get in contact with us to obtain a quote for our services as well as to find out about our turn around times. We offer competitive rates with best in class service.

We Understand Why Some Furniture is Worth Restoring

We Understand Why Some Furniture is Worth Restoring

Almost every one of us has an older piece of furniture in the house that’s looking worse for wear. Whether it’s an old armchair that’s been used for generations or a threadbare sofa that you’ve stored away for some use in the future, there’s no need to worry about parting ways with these pieces due to their age or shabby condition. Refurbishing some of your older furniture is a worthwhile and cost-effective way to keep those pieces functioning and attractive for years to come. Here are a few of the many reasons to restore.


The Importance of Restoring Old Furniture

Sentimental Value

Certain pieces of furniture hold sentimental value. Perhaps you have a piece that belonged to a grandparent or even a great-grandparent and has earned a special place in your home. Or maybe you still have some of the furniture you purchased when you first moved into your home, and they feel like an irreplaceable part of the house. Whatever the case may be for you, if you have a sentimental piece that you’d like to continue using or displaying in your home, restoration and upholstery repair is a great option to keep the piece looking great well into the future.


Valuable Antiques

Whether it’s a family heirloom or an antique that you sought out or stumbled across, a piece of furniture that dates back a century or more is definitely worth restoring or reupholstering. Unless the piece was made by a world-renowned furniture maker, restoring the piece can add to its value if you might be interested in selling the piece, and it makes it more inviting to take a seat if you plan to continue using the piece in your home. Restoring or reupholstering furniture is best done by professional furniture upholsterers, and this is especially true for antique pieces that cannot be replaced.



Buying a brand new good-quality sofa or armchair can be quite expensive, so reupholstering or restoring an older piece can be a very cost-effective way to renew your furniture. If the piece you have has a high-quality frame that is still in good condition, or if it has a unique shape that would be difficult to replace, it’s definitely worth looking into reupholstering or restoring the piece, as the cost will likely be less than buying a brand-new piece of the same quality. This is especially true if the foam and any interior elements of your piece are still intact, as you can directly recover the piece in new fabric or have a slipcover made at relatively low cost compared to a complete restoration.

The cost-saving benefits of reupholstering old furniture make it easy to update the look of a room in your home by changing up the fabric of your sofa. It is also a worthwhile option if you are looking to pass on furniture to a younger family member or friend who is furnishing their first home.

Tips for Choosing The Right Fabric

Tips for Choosing The Right Fabric

The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying upholstered furniture is what colour fabric to choose. But while the colour you choose for your chair upholstery IS important, there are other things to consider that are just as important.


Things you need to consider before choosing the right fabric



The durability of the fabric will depend on the piece of furniture you have chosen, where the furniture will be used, and if you have children or pets.

  • Chose a fabric based on who will be using your sofa – if pets will be sharing the sofa with you, consider leather or a microfibre fabric as these will withstand the extra wear and tear.
  • Woven patterns hold up longer than printed fabrics, so do tight weaves and fabrics with a high thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric – with denser fabrics lasting longer.
  • Durability is important if your chair or sofa is going to be used every day.


Try choosing a chair upholstery or fabrics that complement the décor of your home.

The fabric you choose should blend in with the character and style of the piece it is covering. For example, a traditional style of fabric is perfect for a traditional style of frame. If you have an *adventurous* sense of style and you know how to merge different styles together – go for it!

An approach such as this will add originality to your space. For example, a classic wing backed chair with a bold geometric design. This will work well in a contemporary style room – the wing-back chair is the accent and the print connects to, or compliments the rest of the decor in the room.

Remember that some fabric can look quite formal, while other fabrics are more casual. Choose a fabric that echoes your own sense of style and the mood of the room.



The colour is often the first choice made when buying furniture, it will have an impact on the decor of the room, especially if the sofa is large and will dominate the room.

Make sure the colour you have chosen is one you can live with, avoid bold colours if the room is small. Neutral colours are often the safest since they tend to suit a room for a long time. If you have children or pets, try and avoid lighter colours.


Other considerations

  • Choose a chair upholstery that is fade resistant – this is important if your sofa is going to be in a room that is exposed to a lot of sunlight, or, it will be placed by a window.
  • If you live in a humid area, opt for a fabric that is mildew-resistant.
  • Consider fabrics such as microfibre if anyone in the house suffers from allergies, this material is lint free and doesn’t attract dust.
  • If you have pets, avoid choosing delicate fabrics such as silk or fabrics that have lots of texture. Look for an upholstery fabric that is pet-friendly instead.

We Thrive on Quality Service

We Thrive on Quality Service

We Understand Why Prompt Service Is Vital

At Sydney Upholstery, we understand that life is moving fast these days. New businesses are hustling to recoup their investments, companies are moving online to be more accessible to consumers, and homeowners are crunched for time to complete home-improvement projects among all of their other commitments. That’s why we strive to always provide prompt service and work around our customers’ schedules to complete our job to the highest quality within the fastest time frame possible.


Our service begins with a quick response to your enquiry. We encourage domestic clients to send along photos of their furniture so we can get a sense of their upholstery and installation needs. For larger projects and commercial jobs we’ll generally request elevations or plans, and whenever necessary we will go to the project site to take measurements and discuss the project with the client. Once we have the necessary information we’ll send along an accurate quote within 24 hours so that you can have a look, ask any questions, and we can begin your project immediately.

Turnaround Time

We can turn around an upholstery project as fast as the client needs it. In the past we have picked up furniture in the evening or after a business closes and delivered it back within 24-48 hours.  If you have a restaurant and your banquette seating is ripped the day before a big event, leave the upholstery repair to us. If you’re selling your home and require furniture reupholstery before showing the house to potential buyers, we can work within your time frame. We understand the need for fast turnaround to avoid interruptions to your home or business, and we work hard to always honour our deadlines.

We also know our fabrics very well and have an excellent relationship with all major fabric wholesalers, making it easy to select the perfect fabric for your needs even when working on a strict deadline. Our experts can quickly advise on fabric suitability for the application and can point you in the direction of what you are looking for.

Prototyping Larger Projects

For larger projects and commercial jobs we’ll generally request elevations or plans, and depending on the project we may work with designers and architects to produce prototypes that capture the desired vision of a product. Whenever necessary we will go to the project site to take measurements, discuss the project with the client, and bring working prototypes in to check their suitability. We work hard to always complete our drawings and prototypes promptly, as we understand that a holdup on one part of a large project can put the whole thing off schedule.

When working onsite with designers, our employees are in uniform and maintain a high level of professionalism. They are on time, conduct themselves in a polite manner, and always clean up after the work is complete. We know that time is of the essence on these projects and our employees work hard to meet your needs and deadlines.

For more information on our upholstery in Sydney, contact us by phone (02) 9599 3382 or email You can also stop by during business hours to our location at Unit 31/17-21 Henderson St. in Turrella.

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Why Choose Snap-TEX?

The Importance of Restoration

The Importance of Restoration

Why Furniture Restoration Is an Artform

There are plenty of things that come to mind when you think of art. Paintings, sculpture, music, dance. Furniture restoration probably isn’t something that even crosses your mind. But if you think about it, there is no denying that taking an old, worn piece of furniture and transforming it into something that looks amazing and different is definitely artistic, taking time, care, patience, love, and craftsmanship.

Why is furniture restoration an art form? Well, it is easy to get wrong and stuff up. You’ll see restored furniture that’s been taken on by amateurs, and it just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe someone has taken an antique wooden chair and repainted it or recoated it themselves. Often the effect just cheapens the furniture, instead of what should happen – making it look better.

Furniture restoration takes patience to learn and practice to perfect. It is a craft that we have honed over many years, a craft often passed along, down the generations of a family.

Our furniture upholstery in Sydney is our craft. Others restoring furniture might update wooden pieces, mirrors, or even bring old and interesting machinery back to life. Most people who do furniture restoration concentrate on just one area of furniture restoration – just because it is such a specific art form to learn.

When you take the furniture that we encounter and then see how it turns out after we’re through with it, you’ll be blown away. We can truly transform pieces into something that looks very different. We can add new cushioning to furniture, plumping it up, change fabrics and styles of sewing to update that rapidly ageing couch, or we can modernise the furniture in a whole hotel. With our experience and skills, you will be able to see the expert care that goes into what we do.

And that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to furniture upholstery. It is an art form, and if you choose a business that doesn’t respect or hasn’t yet adequately learnt the craft, then you’ll have an inferior piece of furniture – one you’ll either need to reupholster sooner or relegate to the corner of the room.

Leave your furniture in the hands of the artists over here at Sydney Upholstery. Our team of professional furniture “artists” will ensure that your furniture has another life full of use ahead of it. Not only that, you’ll have a quality finish, the work of an expert craftsperson. Call us or email us to find out more about our services, book in for a consultation, view some of our previous projects with other clients, or to just have a chat about what we can do for you.


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We Thrive on Quality Service

Why Choose Snap-TEX?

Why Choose Snap-TEX?

Why Choose Snap-TEX?

What Our SNAP-TEX Service Offers

Do you love the look of fabric panelling on the walls or ceilings of a room design? Or maybe you need an attractive and functional way to improve the acoustics of a room with a sound absorbing material? SNAP-TEX is a great system that can fulfil either of these needs functionally, aesthetically, and economically.

SNAP-TEX is a commercial, site-installed, and highly customised process that allows us to tightly stretch fabric over acoustical or other substrate material on the walls or ceilings of a room. Because we install it on-site, it will fit perfectly into adjacent walls or other building features with no gaps or ill-fitting panels. Our custom work will also prevent the fabric from sagging, a standard issue among pre-manufactured panelling.

Before installing the SNAP-TEX panels, we first secure a track around the perimeter of each panel section either on the walls or ceilings. From here, affixing the panels to the track is easy, and the durability and damage-resistance nature of SNAP-TEX ensure that it will last and last. Better yet, when the time does come that your SNAP-TEX starts to look stained or shabby, its specially designed jaw and hinge can be opened for easy fabric cleaning or replacement without damage to the wall or mounting surface.

SNAP-TEX is a great option for sports halls, cinemas, studios, industrial enclosures, and plant rooms looking to effectively reduce echoes and provide consistent sound absorption while maintaining an attractive fabric exterior. In fact, SNAP-TEX panels covered in eye-catching fabric (especially if the panels are an interesting shape or hung in an interesting pattern) can even act as artwork in a space, becoming both a functional and fashionable aspect of the room.

The SNAP-TEX process offers significant flexibility in design and cost-saving options, making it stand out from other acoustical and fabric wall treatments. Almost any fabric can be used in the SNAP-TEX process as well as any substrate material of any thickness. The limitation on the size and shape of a SNAP-TEX panel depends only on the length and width of the selected fabric. As long as the fabric size can accommodate the size and design you have in mind, we can custom create almost any shape of a panel for you. A variety of edge detailing for the panels is also available to ensure that they blend into the surrounding design and architectural features.

We can work with all thicknesses and levels of acoustic insulation available; however, the most commonly used thickness is the 25 or 50-millimetre option, and the most common shape panel we create with SNAP-TEX is the square profile.

Our main supplier for the acoustical substrate material is Martini Absorb, which is manufactured from the thermally bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer packaging such as empty drink bottles. The product is 100% recyclable and has very high reuse potential as insulation so that you can feel good about the environmental impact of the final SNAP-TEX product.

To request a quote for your SNAP-TEX project, contact  Sydney Upholstery by phone (02) 9599 3382 or email You can also stop by during business hours to our location at Unit

31/17-21 Henderson St. in Turrella.


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We Thrive on Quality Service